Specialized Professional Accountant in Training Program:.

If you want to take a Xero or Myob Advanced bookkeeping course, GlowSpace accounting professional training. We offer accessible bookkeeping short courses for fresh graduate accountants as well as those who are more experienced and need to brush up on their accounting skills. If you’re looking for quick Xero or Myob Advanced bookkeeping courses that you can complete in a short time period, give us a call today and find out how our accounting training program can help.
Our Xero & Myob Advanced bookkeeping Detailed Job-Hunting Action Planning business course teaches you all the basics of bookkeeping so you can apply this new knowledge directly to your current job. Or, if you’re on the hunt for a new position, our specialized can give you the edge over other applicants. GlowSpace accounting professional training, our professional Accountant in training have meaning in the real work world, as they advance your expertise in accounting. Get that raise, land that new job, or understand business finances better today with our Xero & Myob Essentials professional training.

Our Xero & MYOB Bookkeeping Course Include? Our Xero & Myob Advanced bookkeeping business course outlines the fundamental skills necessary to master bookkeeping in a company office environment using either the Xero software or Myob Essential software.

Some of the topics covered in the Specialized training include:

 Setting up a company
 Entering opening balances
 Doing accounting for sales and purchases
 Doing accounting for capital expenditure
 Processing overpayments and part payments
 Completing bank reconciliation
 Completing credit card reconciliation
 Processing payroll, including PAYG functions
 Preparing financial reports

Who Should Take advantage of our professional training ?

Our Specialized Professional Accountant in Training appeal to a wide variety of people, based on their needs and career aspirations. We commonly attract the following types of students to this course:

 Graduates of Professional Accounting Courses

When you’ve just graduated from an accounting training course, even though you’ve got the knowledge, you might need some extra confidence to get ahead in the competitive job market. Our quick bookkeeping course provides a practical home learning option for new graduates to sharpen their workplace skills.

 New Migrants to Australia

Finding work in a new country can be daunting, even when you’re already skilled as an accountant in your home country. Bridge the gap to employment in Australia with our Specialized Professional Accountant in Training Specialized Professional Accountant in Training, which will show you best accounting practices in Australia,

 Business Owners – Small to Medium Businesses

Our Specialized professional Accountant in training can benefit small to medium sized business owners, providing the fundamentals for day to day financial management. You’ll have a much greater understanding of where your money is going to and coming from after completing our course.

 Accounting Professionals

Even if you currently work in accounting, you can still gain a professional advantage from studying specialized training. Dive into sub-topics that you need to brush up on, refresh your knowledge, and get that raise or go for a new position entirely. With our Specialized professional training, all doors are open to you.

Specialized Professional Accountant in Training Contents

 Set up company

 Entering opening balances

 Entering details for suppliers and customers

 Accounting for sales and purchases

 Accounting for capital expenditure

 Processing overpayments and part payments

 Bank reconciliation

 Credit Card reconciliation

 Bank feed

 Process payroll- PAYG withholding and PAYG instalments

 Extracting and preparing reports- profit and loss statement / balance sheet

 Learning Outcomes and Software

 Manage bookkeeping function for sole traders and small business

Career Opportunities:

• Bookkeeper

• Payroll officer

• Junior accountant

• Self-employed people

• Small business owner

• Finance Officer

Specialized Professional Accountant in Training Package:

Our comprehensive online bookkeeping course for Xero users will allow participants to attain the practical skills needed to have a strong command of Xero software applications.
Xero is the most in-demand accounting software for small to medium-size businesses. It is designed to assist a business in dealing with cash flow, billing, invoicing and submitting data. We can teach you how to use the Xero software, how to record sale and purchase invoices, process customer and suppliers payment and perform bank reconciliation.

Xero training includes the following modules:
Xero Training Module 1 – Adding Company Details
Xero Training Module 2 – Adding Customers (Creating Contacts)
Xero Training Module 3 – Editing Customer Accounts
Xero Training Module 4 – Raising and Recording Sales/Customer Invoices
Xero Training Module 5 – Adding Suppliers (Creating Contacts)
Xero Training Module 6 – Recording Supplier Invoices
Xero Training Module 7 – Editing Supplier Contacts
Xero Training Module 8 – Raising and Recording Credit Notes
Xero Training Module 9 – The Chart of Accounts
Xero Training Module 10 – How to Edit Accounts (Chart of Accounts)
Xero Training Module 11 – How to Add New Accounts (Chart of Accounts)
Xero Training Module 12 – Adding Bank Accounts
Xero Training Module 13 – Recording Bank Payments and Bank Receipts
Xero Training Module 14 – Performing Bank Reconciliation
Duration: 20 hours face to face training or online training.

Cost: $500

Our MYOB Bookkeeping course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge required for entering and maintaining accounting data and for preparing financial reports, such profit and loss reports, using MYOB software.
It is also designed to push your abilities to their furthest possible points, the training in MYOB Essentials Advanced covers many of the deeper aspects of the software’s potential.
Take your abilities with MYOB to a whole new level
Use MYOB to perform advanced reporting, including end of month processes
Use MYOB to implement accurate cash-flows and budgets
Use MYOB to prepare advanced process in your organization
MYOB Essentials has the bank feeds feature which makes data entry much easier, faster and more accurate. You can

• create a quote on the spot,
• keep track of quotes
• invoice and accept payment
• perform credit management tasks for accounts receivable / accounts payable
• make payments and enter receipts
• keep track of expense receipts
• use Intray and Receipt capture app to store receipts in digital format
• run reports
• run payroll reports
Duration: 20 hours

Cost: $500

If you’re wondering “is there an specialized accounting training provider near me providing training in bookkeeping that’s engaging and practical?”, look no further GlowSpace Accounting and Business Consultants is there for You.

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